Friday, July 29, 2011

Do You want more of this?

New Home, slightly new format....Same old cock shots.....

Come visit us!

Dawn: Brad’s superhero skill was stopping fan blades with his penis. Sadly, there was never much call for that skill down at the League.

Monday, July 25, 2011

A new home

I know. I know. I made promises, then disappeared.

But I never forgot. Nope, never.

I have created a tumblr acct:

and am hoping to do a once a day photo. I know that the links for the photos here have been wonky and I am hoping to move the originals from Blogger to Tumblr. I may have to do it by hand ( which is, of course what SHE said)...My sense of humor is that of a 13 year old Boy.

But it is somewhat ready - so yell it far and wide. DSS is back.

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Dear Readers

I am at a cross roads with this blog. I don't find myself having the urge to find the pictures as pften, nor do I have the energy to round up the people to do the captions.

I tried to get another "group" interested in DSS, but the "respectfully declined". Ironic since one of their blogs is all about Hot Girls in Yoga Pants. Apparently when we turn the spot light on silly men, they get all squeamish.

so I am looking to You - What Should I do with DSS? With my PhD in its final stretch, my husband is really concerned that I will never get a job because of my blogs. Sigh.

I don't want to just kill it, either because there is something here which is incredibly funny.

So - give me your ideas.


Monday, December 6, 2010

It came from the Washroom

Schnapps: Well, at least he's clean. That's a well-used broom.

SB: Oh, yeah, clean my floors baby. That is HOT (I'm kind of not joking here).

Cindylou: Tanning booth much?

SW: I wonder if he's like Ross in that episode of Friends where he got spray-tanned far too much on the front but nothing on the back? Maybe this guy can sing Ebony and Ivory as a solo too.

Dawn: Leroy misread the baby shower invitation with disastrous results.

Schnapps: That between his legs? Is not a normal colour. Exc

SB: Is he constipated? A yogi? What?

Cindylou: It looks like he peed on the floor, or worse

SW: He's calling for his mommy, who is upstairs, cuz he poo-poo'd on the floor.

Dawn: His air guitar solo went a little TOOOO far. I swear I can hear "Panama" from here.

Schnapps: I thought plastic on the sofa went out in the 80ss?

SB: I have fears about what that plastic is for.

Cindylou: the plastic is to go with the plastic strap on he is wearing

SW: I can hear it now. His sweaty ass and legs pulling free from the heavy plastic "sssslllluuuuurrrpppppp!!!" I think he's either in pain, or his ass got left on the couch while the rest of his body broke free.

Dawn: Buddy thought the phrase "wrap it up" meant something different.

Schnapps: So there is a reinforcing rod in it?

SB: No, it is the old "Look, my dick is bigger than a tiny object" ploy.

Cindylou: Maybe it is a magic trick, he strokes the pen and he cums.

SW: I'm impressed. What brand pen is that? I wouldn't mind one for my planner.

Dawn: He hopes to use it to hyp-mo-tize you into wanting to have sex with him. Looooookkkkkk deeeeepppppppllllllyyyy into the peeeeeeeeeeeeeen.

Schnapps: You gotta wonder if anyone ever walks into the bathroom when they're taking pictures.

SB: How did this go down? "So I was at work and I started thinking 'Hey, I have a digicam in my desk drawer..."

Cindylou: And what the hell was he working on?

SW: This is disturbing beyond belief. I used to work in a Chevron convenience store....I think this may have been taken there! *shudder*

Dawn: I bet this guy downloads porn onto his cell phone. Just in case.

Monday, November 22, 2010

What Up With Dat?

CIndylou: Wedding ring!

Mari: And white anklets.

Maven: I wonder how he explains the carpet burn on his ass to his wife.

Dawn: This is a hell of a lot of work for such an awful pose. Like the Baked Alaska of Craigslist casual Encounters positions

Cindylou: Those are Ernie's eyebrows aren't they?

Mari: That is his superhero disguise.

Dawn: Right before he went on stage to dance for "What Up With Dat?"

Cindylou: Sometimes what you dont' show is sexier than what you do show, but not this time

Dawn: I just want to yell "AVALANCHE" and run.

Anita Cocktail: I thought only women's boobs made a run for the armpits...

Cindylou: OMG he is at the doctor's office. Creepy

SW: Dr. Assman had a cancellation in the afternoon appointments. He used that time to examine himself.

Dawn: I never trusted that opthamalogist.

Cindylou: Moustache, no beard

SW: The decor leaves something to be desired.

Maven: Either shave everything or nothing at all. This isn't a good look for anyone.

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

You put the coconut in the lime

Cindylou: The military helmet on the head board raises questions about his fetishes

Josie: Whats in front of the camera though??

Katiefucious: He took off ALL his clothes EXCEPT for his baseball cap. Lazy.

EuroBoy: Josie -it looks like a sword of some kind, this guy is a collector of war paraphernalia, which he stores around his bed.

Dawn: I think someone has been cavity searched going through the border security one too many times. "Hey Mikey - He LIKES it!"

Cindylou: I dont' think you are supposed to wear anything under the lime shorts?

Schnapps: what's with the pukka shell necklace?

Josie: How are his legs not purple? Doesn't all that elastic cut off the circulation?

Katiefucious: Cindylou I think it's an adult diaper.

EuroBoy: I bet you he is looking for a girl who layers her sports bras.

Dawn: Go back to Margaritaville, Jimmy. There's nothin' here for you.
Cindylou: All I can think of is Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas, oh wait just the first part of that, all fear and loathing

Josie: All I gotta say is keep on Ms. Thang, keep on.

EuroBoy: Elementary dear Watson - I haven't had nooky in a while now.

Dawn: His bathroom is cleaner than yours, Bitch.

Schnapps: Why would anyone think that's appealing? I mean, really, people.

Cindylou: isn't that the move for the last drop of cum?

Katiefucious: Maybe he's trying to stretch it out for the photo.

Mari: I agree with Katie, he is definitely stretching it.

EuroBoy: Perhaps it is camera shy?

Dawn: It's like the coat hanger scene in Mommy Dearest...I can't look away!! How much abuse can it take!!!

Schnapps: Again, why would anyone think that's appealing? :)

Katiefucious: Maybe someone who needs a wallpaper border put up?

EuroBoy: He seems to have his hands in his pants.

Dawn: Or does he, Euro Boy? And THIS is why you don't teach amputees lessons! ( little Arrested Dev reference for all you fans out there)

Monday, October 11, 2010

Metaphors gone WILD!

Sb: If you're going to show that much, it just makes me wonder why you're hiding the rest.

Schnapps: Looking for the bright side: at least he solved the underwear issue by going commando?

Maven: If this cock were one of the Seven Dwarfs, it would be "Bashful."

Dawn: Did you NOT see Ben Stillers zipped up junk in "There's something about Mary?" Cause thats ALL I can think about when I see these pictures

Sb: I'm glad to see our military...that's all. I'm just glad to see our military.

Schnapps: what's with his butt cheek squishing out sideways?

Maven: Don't ask, don't tell... where his cock is.
Dawn: He's thinking....about how to storm your beach. wink, wink

Sb: As I have said so often before "Schwing!"

Maven: This one puts the "Bone" in trombone!

Dawn: As a quilter, I HIGHLY object to your use of that quilt as a backdrop. Do you have any idea how hard those fucking triangles are to sew? Your peen offends my quilting view.

SB: WHAT is up with that tilty picture? Are you trying to distract me from the fact that you look like a total doofus?

Dawn: I was unaware that there was a pickup bar inside the Ripleys Believe it or Not museum.

Sb: I will admit that hairy guys don't do it for me. But this hairlessness has gone just a little too un-human too far.

Maven: So many things wrong here... the computer chair? The boxes? And yet, it appears as if the cock is attempting to convey: "It went thattta way."

Dawn: If you don't give me a blowjob right now, I'm jumping. ( and other suicide threats of the horny and stupid)